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“Walk With Me By Marcus Troy” for the Timberland GT Scramble

About a month or more ago, I had a really cool opportunity presented to me by Marcus. He invited me to come up to Toronto to participate in a project he was responsible for on behalf of Timberland. The aptly titled “Walk With Me” by Marcus Troy project saw a handful of bloggers get together for a little urban hiking in the lovely Canadian city.

It was my first time in Canada and from what I recall, a majority of the people on the trip were from there. I think my “noob-ness” really showed when I was totally amazed by the Subway restaurant up there. I was telling my friend Peter from Highsnobiety about how I was so very pleased at how their Subway offered both black AND green olives and how their mix of peppers was far superior to what I get out in the western United States. I know that’s beyond trivial, but it’s still something that amazes me. I’m lame, I know.

I was the first to arrive into the city and I had absolutely no idea what to do, so I stayed in my hotel and played on the web. The following morning, I was up bright and early. I was excited for the others to arrive. I prowled around the hotel and was finally met by Marcus, his brother Ahmad, Peter, William Yan and Vincent Tsang. It was cool to see some familiar faces. They checked in then we all posse’d up and went to the Timberland office. We got to see the GT Scramble boots and we got to get acquainted with the mega-friendly staff. After we got booted up, we ate a really dope meal at a restaurant that – no joke – had the greatest french fries and a pretty dope bison burger. (Check out an image of my lunch here.)

After the fantastic lunch, we were all fired up to get in some urban hiking. As you can see from the photos above, the area was truly lovely. We had a great time kicking it and enjoying the beautiful scenery. As an observer, I really got a kick out of watching my blog buds in action, especially watching William. That dude truly keeps it thorough. I’ve never seen somebody get after it in the field like that. He was seeking out such great photos and creating really cool opportunities for content. Good stuff.

As a hiking enthusiast, this trip was great. I walked away with some cool images and new friends. I also got to keep a pair of the GT Scramble. These really are solid boots. The vintage hiking inspired look works well and my goodness are they comfortable. I have Danner boots which required some breaking in, but these are good right out of the box. The wear really well. Almost sneaker-like. Springy and comfy, and they look dope.

Be sure to check out the WALK WITH ME micro site for a further look.

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