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Oakley Danny Kass Signature Series – “Totem” Frogskins and “Peace Pipe” Canopy

Oakley pro snowboarder Danny Kass has a collection of new signature series sunglasses and goggles dropping very shortly, and so we wanted to present a look here on The Combined. Oakley’s done a few Frogskins with Kass’ Grenade brand in the past and those ended up being big hits. One featured a matte olive color and the follow up had sort of a watermelon colored theme. They were both extremely dope. These guys here feature one of my favorite Frogskins frame colors — clear — and they have a cool “Totem” pole print. The print also comes on the carrying bag, which also features a distinct design that creates the appearance of dirt/filth.

I honestly don’t know anything about goggles. I have only seen snow with my own eyes once. I’m a snow n00b. The only time I saw it was in NYC. I was in town for a Jordan Brand event and it happened to take place during some really inclement weather. Snow was packed deep. It reminded me of that movie The Day After Tomorrow where New York froze over. I was staying at this hotel and George from Nicekicks was there. We both wanted to tough it out and walk to Nike Stadiums from where we were, which was like, no joke, 80 blocks away. We walked there only to find out the store was closed. We tried getting a cabs to take us back to the hotel, but when we said where we were staying, they all declined us. We had to beg and plead for one driver to take us as far as he can and he obliged, so we didn’t have to walk all the way back. I feel like an old man when I go on these tangents and tell stories, but when I think of snow, I can’t help but to recall that awful, yet still fun experience.

Anyway, these goggles are a new style from Oakley called the Canopy. These get the code name “Peace Pipe” tying into the whole theme of this collection. They come with a Fire Iridium lens that is crazy reflective. I had to take all of the pics at weird angles to avoid popping up into the reflection. The Canopy is up on Oakley’s site, and from what I’ve seen, the Frogskins are hitting retailers now.

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