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Publish Caps Spring/Summer 2013 – Preview

I think I made mention of Publish’s hats for Spring/Summer 2013 because I intended to do a separate post on them in the future, which is now. As you guys know, 5-panel camp caps are big business. They’ve been a staple in Supreme’s collections on a seasonal basis, and Norse Projects has been serving them up proper, too. It seems like almost all brands offer them these days. It makes sense – folks like them. When I check my Tumblr dashboard on my secondary blog I strictly use for reblogging, not a day goes by where a 5-panel is not photographed be it in the form of a simple product shot, or worn by someone (usually a girl).

On my last Publish post, I talked about their prints. They make use of some really eye pleasing ones. These paisley and floral print caps from Publish are pretty dope. The looks and quality are there and I’m sure when these drop, they will sell out quickly at retail. I know the team at Publish recently enjoyed some great success with the release of some of their caps done in collaboration with Reed Space and Kicks/HI. I’m sure that release has left people thirsty for more from the guys on the hat front and I am sure these will help quench that.

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