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Oakley LSA Boot – Water Version

Oakley’s LSA boots are now available for the public to purchase. We showed you a really nice coyote colored Land version of the boot sometime back and I made mentioned of a Water version, so, here it is. The LSA is really something else. They combine great elements such as comfort and quality, and they look good. They wear almost like a sneaker because they’re so lightweight, but they’re built mad tough.

This Water version is called that for a good reason. In the event that you need to submerge your feet in water, they have vents at the bottom which will enable water to filter out easily. Also, if you come across some wetness, the sole unit is made of Oakley’s Unobtainium rubber, which should offer up some slip resistance. Other great features include the materials used to make up these boots: Scotchguard treated pig suede makes up about half of these shoes, while the Multicam portion is comprised out of the always rugged 100 Denier Cordura.

If you’re liking the idea of sporting military boots that you can wear a lot because they’re comfortable and because they look good, the Oakley LSA, Water or Terrain, are a good option. You can check for these at select Oakley footwear retailers.

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